PNB fraud scam funny Sms,Messages

Recently  PNB has reported the fraudulent transaction of over Rs 11,300 crores.Main suspect is Mr Nirav Modi and Mehul choksi also including two of the junior PNB officers.However CBI and investigation team are working on it , but internet if flooded with lots of PNB fraud scam funny Sms,Messages.AS i have received them through various medium , I couldn’t stop myself from posting on this blog.

1.Funny PNB Bank scam SMS

Bank में पैसे रखो, तो Nirav MODI का डर…
घर पर पैसे रखो, तो Narendra MODI का डर…
IPL में पैसे लगाओ, तो Lalit MODI का डर…

हर हर Modi, घर घर Modi

PNB fraud scam funny Sms,Messages

2.Funny Nirav modi shayari – PNB fraud scam funny Sms,Messages

एक ही मोदी काफी था बर्बाद #गुलिस्तां करने को

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